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All Security Guards work with the general directions of the manager or team leader on duty, providing assistance 24 hours a Day.

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Our employees have income potential in direct proportion to their level of customer service and professionalism.


Company Profile

As a successful and growing company, with 25 years experience in Security and Law enforcement. We provide capable and dedicated Security Guards with exceptional training.

We provide the best working environment in the industry because we believe that attracting and retaining great employees is essential to our success. We are reliable, courteous and committed to providing services that are unsurpassed. We welcome you to visit any of our locations and see our Security Specialists in action.


Our expertise in security extends to providing Security and Concierge Services for any occasion: events at home, grand openings, Bar Mitzvahs, weddings, corporate events, restaurants, condos, hotels, stores or offices. As a successful and growing company, MillenniuM Protection Services, Inc. always looking for capable and dedicated Security Guards.

The latest in high-tech security systems can never replace the security and reassurance the presence of a security officer on a site offers.



What We Do

A security officer is a visual deterrent to any criminal with a benevolent agenda and hopes of a quick getaway. Our professional Security Officers are state certified in private security patrol and are continuously trained to stay alert.
They are trained to maintain high visibility by patrolling the property and observing for any unusual activity as instructed by post orders. Post Orders are a set of orders given by the client to ensure all areas of importance are covered. They are also trained in reporting any disturbances and emergencies on a site to the client or appropriate law enforcement agency.

No one wants an unwelcome guest, especially when that guest is roaming your property because your security guard is asleep at his (or her) station. When intruders gain access to your building because of your security, you may find that you have more than one unwelcome guest within your premises: the security guard and the security threat.

In order to prevent your security set up from being a concern?for both you and your tenants?you must do your due diligence. That means making sure that you have done your research before you select a security firm. After all, security companies should be partners in monitoring a facility, which means that you should take full advantage of on-site personnel as well as security technology.

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